3 Tips for smarter Kitchen Design

3 Tips for smarter kitchen design:

  1. Planning is Key. A kitchen layout should flow and offer easy accessibility to storage, appliances and workspace. Small things can add up to years of ease or frustration. An experienced professional can help you to maximize the look, feel and function of your kitchen. Most homeowners will be living with their updated kitchen for decades.
  2. Stock vs. Local Built Cabinets. Some contractors buy stock cabinets from big box stores. Because they are not built to order, they may not fit the intended kitchen design. This can lead to use of filler sections that can look out of place. Still, stock cabinets are becoming more popular and there are new lines coming out that coupled with the right designer can look good and save you a bundle over custom cabinets.
  3. Particleboard vs. Plywood. Consider the construction and quality of your new cabinets. Avoid particleboard or thinner plywood that tends to be less durable. If a framed cabinet construction and the wood is less than ½ inch thick, there can be problems down the road with warped panels and sagging shelves. ¾ Inch thick plywood is Ideal for frameless European construction and will provide you with decades of reliability.

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